Himanshu Singh

Open Source Contributor, Software Engineer

About me

Hi! I'm Himanshu Singh, and I'm a Computer Science & Engineering Student. I'm a Programmer, UI Designer, Full Stack Developer, Open Source Contributor and aspiring Data Analyst. I love developing new things. I do play CSGO and PUBG to avoid coffee sometimes ;).

Constantly looking for new ideas to implement in real world.


Programming Languages: Backend: Frontend: Database: Cloud: Others:


MTM Part 2 Finishermore_vert


MTM Part 2 Finisherclose

The badge earner has mastered basic mainframe concepts. This individual is able to perform programming (advanced commands, system setup, and advanced system navigation) and application developing tasks (C, JAVA, COBOL, assembler and REXX) all on the z/OS platform.

MTM Part 3 Finishermore_vert


MTM Part 3 Finisherclose

The badge earner has the ability to innovate on the mainframe by solving real life situations encountered by experienced systems programmers. This individual has demonstrated their extensive programming skills (advanced commands system navigation) and is able to develop application tasks (C, JAVA, COBOL, assembler and REXX), all on the z/OS platform.

MTM Facilitatormore_vert


MTM Facilitatorclose

Through coordination of a Master the Mainframe meetup, this badge earner has shown their leadership in bringing mainframe to the next generation. The individual has demonstrated their knowledge of IBM Z by sharing their experience and ability to innovate on the mainframe to solve real life situations to participants throughout the meetup.


Student Developermore_vert

GSoC Website | Project

GSoC Studentclose

In Animint2, I was responsible to make it up and running with latest version of dependencies and R version along with make the test infrastructure use docker for users in order to avoid version issues.


TJ REST APImore_vert

GitHub | Live


A REST API developed for event management by using ExpressJS on the top of NodeJS and MongoDB. Other tools or packages used are jsonwebtoken, mongoose, helmet, cors, bcryptjs, nodemailer, uuid, etc.


GitHub | Live


ideaBase is a platform where anyone can share their ideas of projects. React, Redux, Redux-Thunk is used with Firebase Auth for Authentication, Firestore to store user data and Materialize css for styling..

URL Shortenermore_vert


Anonymous URL Shortenerclose

A PHP tool to shorten urls and generate anonymous links. It shortens the url and hides referer when someone visits the link.

Electricity Bill Genmore_vert


Electricity Bill Genclose

Bill-Gen is a Google Assistant App built on Dialogflow and TypeScript. This app asks users their list of daily use appliances and returns the avg power consumption of all those appliances.

Color Doctormore_vert


Color Doctorclose

Color Doc is an app that utilizes Isihara Plates and Google Assistant's platform to have interactions and detect if the user is colorblind or not.


The Data Scientist’s Toolboxmore_vert



The course gives an overview of the data, questions, and tools that data analysts and data scientists work with.

Front-End Web UI Frameworks and Tools: Bootstrap 4more_vert



This course will give you an overview of client-side web UI frameworks, in particular Bootstrap 4. You will learn about grids and responsive design, Bootstrap CSS and JavaScript components. You will learn about CSS preprocessors, Less and Sass. You will also learn the basics of Node.js and NPM and task runners like Grunt and Gulp. At the end of this course, you will be able to a)Set up, design and style a web page using Bootstrap 4 and its components, b) Create a responsive web page design, and c) Make use of web tools to setup and manage web sites. This course also includes an honors track that enables you to work on your own project developing a website using Bootstrap 4. Students enrolling in this course should have prior good working knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

GCP Fundamentals: Core Infrastructuremore_vert



This course introduces you to important concepts and terminology for working with Google Cloud Platform (GCP). You learn about, and compare, many of the computing and storage services available in Google Cloud Platform, including Google App Engine, Google Compute Engine, Google Kubernetes Engine, Google Cloud Storage, Google Cloud SQL, and BigQuery. You learn about important resource and policy management tools, such as the Google Cloud Resource Manager hierarchy and Google Cloud Identity and Access Management. Hands-on labs give you foundational skills for working with GCP.

Community Related

Campus Expertmore_vert


GitHub Campus Expertclose

A Campus Expert is a student trained to build a strong technical community, on campus.



Microsoft Student Partnerclose

Student Partners are a global group of on-campus ambassadors who are eager to help fellow students, lead in their local tech community, and develop technical and career skills for the future.